Doctor Recommendation through AI

Doctor Recommendation through AI

Requirements to Design an AI App

  • The system must understand what diseases patient have
  • The system must tell appropriate medicine or treatment to a patient based on the precept of diagnostics from various questions through soft-bot.
  • The system must set an Alarm for the patient to take medicine on time.

AI Methods/Models

  • Natural language processing
  • Smart agents
  • Machine learning and knowledge base
  • AI-based chatbot system
  • Decision tree search algorithm
  • IDR-Model
  • SVM
  • TPFG Model
  • RWRModel
Requirements to Design an AI App

Challenges in Doctor Recommendation

Challenges in Doctor Recommendation
  • How to measure the authority degree of a doctor?
  • How to mine patient-doctor relationships from the network and further measure doctors’ real authorities would become one of the main challenges in this work?
  • How to make individual doctor recommendations according to patients’ preferences information and doctors’ AD-CDs since traditional information retrieval models, such as Boolean Model and Vector Space Model, all compute similarity degrees between query keywords and destination doctors?
  • How to evaluate the recommendation accuracies of our method because it is hard to obtain solid results via evaluating AD-CDs for traditional methods. Besides, these methods themselves just are subjective processes?
  •  User privacy.
  •  Resistant to cyber-attacks.
  • Voice Recognition.
  • Text Formatting.
  • Understand symptoms of related problems.
  • Bias and inequality.
  • Machine learning (Dataset shift).
  • Accidentally fitting confounders versus true signal.
  • Blind spots in machine learning can reflect the worst societal biases.
  • Susceptibility to adversarial attack or manipulation.
  • Logistical difficulties.
  • Achieving robust regulation and rigorous quality control.


  • A time-constraint probability factor graph model (TPFG)[3] to mine doctor-patient relationships.
  • Formalize four network features considering doctor recommendation requirements and Compute them for ranking nodes.
  • Novel hybrid multi-layer architecture.
  • Doctor recommendation model (namely RWR-Model) via the random walk with restart method (RWR), and evaluate the recommendation precision according to an information retrieval index.
Approaches of Doctor Recommendation

How AI Works

How AI Works
  • Accept input about a problem from its environment.
  • Create a list of potential actions.
  • Use probability and logic to select the most potentially successful activities.


  • This (AI) technology used in medical contexts promises to ease the burden on medical professionals.
  • AI improves the provider’s ability to diagnose consistently and accurately.
  • Better organization of patient pathways.
  • medication management.
  • instant help in emergency situations or first aid,
  • offering solutions for simpler medical issues.
  • Medical chatbots have emerged as useful tools to provide additional information to patients.
  • Medical chatbots can provide initial assistance over one-on-one conversations.
  • AI-powered chatbots can attend to queries from patients round-the-clock.
  • AI chatbot better using Machine Learning (ML). This enables the chatbot to provide more relevant information to the patients.
  • Medical chatbots can gather feedback from patients about the websites of healthcare organizations.
  • Health chatbots can remind patients about their medicines, moreover, these chatbots can monitor their health parameters.
  • Medical chatbots can set up appointments with doctors, furthermore, they can find the nearest pharmacy or doctor‘s office.
  • Availability and ongoing health monitoring.
  • Providing information fast when there is not a moment to lose.
  • Gaining the trust of patients.
Advantages of Doctor Recommendation

AI Chatbot Apps Assistant in Medical


  • The aim to help ease the life of those involved in the fight against cancer with the information they need.
  • The app empowers them by providing a comprehensive list of diets, exercises, and post-cancer practices
  • Curated by Integrative Medicine experts, so that they don’t need to constantly rely on a doctor.


  •  The app features personalized meditations as well as the ability to track mood and monitor emotional health.
  • As users communicate with the chatbot, it will learn more about them and fine-tune the experience in order to fit their needs.


  • Safedrugbot is a chat messaging service that offers assistant-like support to health professionals.
  • Doctors who need appropriate data about the use of drugs during breastfeeding.
  •  It provides information about the active ingredients present in the medication and alternative medicines.

Babylon Health

  • Users report the symptoms of their illness to the app, which checks them against a database of diseases using speech recognition, and then offers an appropriate course of action.
  • AI doctors listen and look carefully to diagnose the patient and then write prescriptions or refer to a specialist if required.
AI ChatBot Apps Assistant in Medical


  • Florence can track the user’s health, for example, body weight, mood, or period, thus helping them to reach their goals.
  • The chatbot also has the skills to find the nearest pharmacy or doctor’s office in case you need it.

Your. Md

  • It is basically a symptom checker powered by artificial intelligence.
  • It’s an excellent source of online medical service providers, no matter whether you are looking for pharmacies, test centers, doctors’ offices.

Ada Health

  • Assess the user’s health based on the indicated symptoms using its vast, A.I.-based database.


  • Based on the gathered data as well as the information fed to its smart algorithm
  • Sensely interprets the user’s symptoms and recommends a diagnosis.
  • It offers a local service discovery and rich resources for self-care.

Buoy Health

  • The chatbot thoroughly asks you about the details of your medical state and offers you various solutions and actionable steps to take.


  • Infermedica leverages machine learning technology to power the symptom-checker chatbot, Symptomatic.
  • It assesses the user’s health status and based on the symptoms
  •  It sets up a possible diagnosis and gives actionable recommendations.

Cancer Chatbot

  • It is a helpful resource for cancer patients, caregivers, friends, and family on Facebook Messenger
  • It provides resources for caregivers to ease the burden of caring and making their lives easier.
  • It offers friends and families advice on what to say and how to help cancer patients best.
  • It’s a sophisticated and well-thought-out solution.



AI Based Medical Assistant Module Flowchart

Activity Model AI Application:

1. Creation of User Profile

  • This model collects details to create a new user authentication into the Firebase authentication console.
  • The UI is made interactive to get the user details like email, personal username, and password this, in turn, generates a User id connecting the user to the firebase console.

2. Setup User Profile

  • This section takes personal details as input form the user related to their age, gender, and if any preexisting medical problem.
  • All the option is listed in the form of a checkbox

3. Setup Medical Records

  • Duration of the condition.
  • On-going Medical Conditions.
  • Questionnaire.
  • Medication details.
  • Reminder setup for medicine with names

4. Application Setup Complete

  • Once all the data is entered, they are saved in real-time for each user separately according to the user id generated these helps in rendering these data repeatedly when used by the tensor flow custom model.

5. Symptom analysis

  • Select all prevalent symptoms from the list
  • Possible problem prediction
  • Considering the physical activity track
  • Possible medication prediction
  • Accuracy
  • Setup Emergency Contact
  • Generate health reports
  • Risk factor