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HitechProvider’s RPA Bots Boost Spamedica’s Revenue Cycle Management

HitechProvider's RPA Bots Boost Spamedica's Revenue Cycle Management ORGANIZATION: SpaMedica, a renowned eye care group, is committed to providing exceptional patient care and enabling people to make informed decisions to improve their vision. As the largest NHS cataract surgery provider in the UK, SpaMedica is dedicated to expanding its reach and reducing waiting times for [...]

How RPA Transformed Claims Processing for Knownwell

How RPA Transformed Claims Processing for Knownwell Introduction: Knownwell is a prominent healthcare company in the United States that provides a wide range of medical services to patients. With the growing number of patients and claims, Knownwell faced challenges in managing its claims processing workflow, which led to errors, delays, and decreased efficiency. To overcome [...]

How HiTech Provider’s RCM Solution Helped Medicus Inc Focus on Their Core Competencies

How Hitech Provider’s RCM Solution Helped Medicus Inc Focus on Their Core Competencies The Challenge: Our customer Medicus Inc is Canada’s leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions across 24 specialties, including medical billing, coding, credentialing, accounts receivable, and physician productivity analysis. They faced a major challenge in their claim submission process, which required manual [...]

LMC Healthcare Implements AI-Powered RPA Bots to Streamline Medical Coding and Billing Process

LMC Healthcare Implements AI-Powered RPA Bots to Streamline Medical Coding and Billing Process ORGANIZATION: LMC is Canada's largest Specialty Care Provider in Diabetes and Endocrinology. Their Endocrinologists, many of whom are nationally renowned for their areas of expertise, are supported by an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified Physician Assistants, Diabetes Educators (Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, [...]

DIRECT CARE Case Study: 35% Workload Decrease with Automated Scheduling

DIRECT CARE Case Study: 35% Workload Decrease with Automated Scheduling The problem Direct Care, a leading aged care and disability support provider in Australia has been expanding its services rapidly in response to growing demand. However, the company was facing challenges in meeting customer support expectations as its call center, which was the primary channel [...]

Tweet Miner: Collecting, Storing and Visualizing Real Time Twitter Data in Various Graphical Format

Tweet Miner: Collecting, Storing and Visualizing Real Time Twitter Data in Various Graphical Format Project Details Client: Acumen Analytica - Big Data and Social Analytics company in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Pricing: Fixed Pricing Duration: 40 Days + 3 Months of support Staff: A Team Lead 1 Senior Developer and 1 Junior Developer Technologies: Python 3x, [...]

Quick Service Management

Quick Service Management Project Details Client: A distinguished Quick Service Management Restaurant Pricing: Hourly Pricing Duration: 6 Months (Initial Results) Staff: 1 Team Lead, 1 Senior Developer and 3 Junior Developers Technologies: Python 3x, Django, Fast API, C/C++, Redis, Elasticsearch 7x, MySQL, Microsoft Azure, Weka, Angular, Android Studio, IOT, Nvidia Jetson Nano, OpenCV, YOLO, Arduino [...]

Effective Food Delivering Solutions

Effective Food Delivering Solutions Project Details Client: Renowned Global Meal Kit Supplier Pricing: Performance-Based Pricing Duration: 6 Months (Initial Results) Staff: 1 Project Manager, 1 Team Lead, 2 Senior Developers and 4 Junior Developers Technologies: Python 3x, Django, Celery, Javascript, Redis, Elasticsearch 7x, MongoDB, Amazon Web Services, UI/UX Design, R, React, Flutter, Django Rest Framework, [...]




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Client Reviews


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    We developed a great association with HiTech Provider and their commitment to our required work is evident in the quality of the delivered product. We acknowledge their knowledge in the field of AI and ML. We highly appreciate their meticulousness to detail and their creative approach to solve our problems and challenges. We highly recommend them.

    • Khaled M. Khalifeh
    • CEO at Kinz For Information Technology Co
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    Excellent and reliable team to work with. Very effective and knowledgeable of what we wanted and communicate well to keep the project smooth and hassle-free. We would recommend them.

    • Saud Alashri
    • Executive at Acumen Analytica
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    They were terrific. I appreciate their skills, in the fields of Computer Vision, AI and ML, and professionalism. I was  highly impressed by their service and would definitely recommend them.

    • Mark Cook
    • Owner at Cook Roofing Co
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    Excellent willingness to find the optimal solution and fully understand the goals established to achieve the results within the requirements. They provide reliable access and follow up following implementation as well as ongoing troubleshooting/support. I would certainly use their services again and look forward to solving my next challenge

    • Andre Delano
    • Digital Marketer at RapidMarketing.com
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    We chose HiTech Provider because there were no other provider who had the same level of knowledge and expertise in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We were impressed by their level of professionalism and by their mastery of AI. We have formed a friendly relationship and hope that this relationship continues. We would chose them for any AI and Ml related work without any second thought.

    • Abdessamad Abennaou
    • Managing Partner at Morocco DMC
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1. Data Collection

2. Data Preparation

3. Selecting a Model

4. Training and Evaluating a Model

5. Gaining Insights from Results

6. Data Visualization

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Latest News


Ecommerce CRM

Ecommerce CRM Definition ❝ A CRM solution for eCommerce helps you gather, organize, store, and analyze information about your company’s customers.❞ Provides all of these functions plus features specific to the digital sales landscape, such as storing customer history, tracking shipping preferences and suggesting related purchases. Advantages Data Tracking Track your customers' data as they [...]

Resource Optimization through Forecasting

Resource Optimization Through Forecasting Resource Forecasting ❝ Resource forecasting is predicting your future resource requirements.  RF is How many staff do you need next month? Next quarter? Next year? Should you be increasing your sales efforts to secure work to keep everyone occupied, or can you take on more people to meet demand? ❞ A resource forecast is an [...]


Medical Record Management Definition ❝ Medical Records Management is the art and science of managing all information relating to the operation of a Healthcare Practice. Medical Record Management supports the organization of medical records within your hospital by managing the availability of medical records and their assignment to patients. Medical Records Management defined as efficiently [...]

Doctor Recommendation through AI

Doctor Recommendation through AI Requirements to Design an AI App The system must understand what diseases patient have The system must tell appropriate medicine or treatment to a patient based on the precept of diagnostics from various questions through soft-bot. The system must set an Alarm for the patient to take medicine on time. AI [...]

CRM for Restaurant

CRM for Restaurant Definition ❝ CRM systems to initiate, track, manage and grow relationships with clients from the first introduction and throughout the entire customer lifecycle. ❞ Requirements For Hotel CRM Easy to integrate You need a CRM that is easy to integrate with existing systems. Multi-channel Your CRM should reflect this by supporting the [...]


ChatBot What is a Chatbot? AI based software that can: Simulate and process human conversation (text or voice) Allow humans to interact with digital devices as if they were communicating with a real person Be deployed across websites, applications, and messaging channels such as Google, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or WhatsApp. Benefits/Advantages of ChatBots There are [...]

Workplace Automation

Workplace Automation Definition ❝ Process of instructing software, and sometimes hardware, with network connections to create automated workflows. Workplace automation is to digitally automate the processes and make them machine-dependent as far as possible. A worker can also automate his work using some techniques. For example, An excel user may use some excel sheet having [...]

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnosis Definition ❝AI in medicine refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology / automated processes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who require care.❞ Background Processes Gathering of data through patient interviews and tests Processing and analyzing results Using multiple sources of data to come to an accurate diagnosis [...]