LMC Healthcare Implements AI-Powered RPA Bots to Streamline Medical Coding and Billing Process


LMC is Canada’s largest Specialty Care Provider in Diabetes and Endocrinology. Their Endocrinologists, many of whom are nationally renowned for their areas of expertise, are supported by an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified Physician Assistants, Diabetes Educators (Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, Pharmacists), Optometrists, Chiropodists, and Clinical Research Professionals. They have 13 clinics, 20 clinical research sites, and provide care to over 77,000 patients across Canada annually.


For healthcare providers, receiving prompt and correct payment through Medicare is a vital aspect of their operations. However, the process of manually analyzing clinical documentation to determine the relevant codes for a specific case was highly tedious and time-consuming. It required skilled coders to manually deal with over 70,000+ codes that fall under different categories to generate invoices daily. This complexity and related changes in medical coding could cause inaccuracies, leading to delays in overall operations and improper payments.

To overcome these challenges, LMC Healthcare realized the need to eliminate the potential loss of revenue from inaccurate coding. From a revenue cycle management perspective, it was crucial to ensure that the coding for billing was done quickly and with one hundred percent accuracy to avoid rejection or non-payment of claims.


Hitech Provider has implemented advanced AI-powered RPA Bots to simplify and streamline the tedious task of coding thousands of charts every week. With the bots’ native machine-learning capabilities, the process of analyzing patient wound documentation and creating billing codes has become much faster and more accurate.

The bots have greatly reduced the risk of manual errors and improved the overall efficiency of the billing process. This has allowed medical personnel to dedicate more time to patient care and complex coding scenarios, while the bots take care of the routine tasks.

Hitech Provider has made it easy to handle invoicing and payment processes by providing options such as external billing companies, dedicated systems, or in-house management. With this automation in place, medical professionals can focus on providing the best possible care for their patients, while the bots take care of the administrative tasks with ease and efficiency.



95% Reduction in manual work


90% Improvement in Coding Efficiency


85% Improved Process turnaround time