How Hitech Provider’s RCM Solution Helped Medicus Inc Focus on Their Core Competencies

The Challenge:

Our customer Medicus Inc is Canada’s leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions across 24 specialties, including medical billing, coding, credentialing, accounts receivable, and physician productivity analysis. They faced a major challenge in their claim submission process, which required manual verification, matching, and submission of records for each patient from their internal EHR to the Toronto State Medical Portal. This manual process was both monotonous and time-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, there was a backlog of approximately 6,000 aged claim submissions, further delaying the process.


To modernize their revenue cycle management operations, our customer turned to Hitech Provider for a cutting-edge RCM solution. By leveraging our expertise, we were able to automate several tasks that dramatically improved the customer’s core offerings. Here are the key steps we took:

Our RPA bot classifies claims and performs a series of steps based on defined business logic, reducing the need for manual intervention.

The bot enters data and validates field-level steps in Medicaid Insurance claims while verifying the accuracy of the data.

The bot saves ERA forms, uses them for form filing, and attaches them as needed for successful claim submission.

We scheduled email triggers to handle exceptions, ensuring a seamless submission process.

Thanks to our automation efforts, the customer has seen significant improvements in accuracy and processing time, along with reduced FTE requirements. Our RCM solution has enabled them to focus on their core competencies and improve their service offerings.


By partnering with Hitech Provider, our customer was able to streamline their revenue cycle management operations and improve their core offerings. Our RPA bot has reduced the need for manual intervention and helped to eliminate errors in the submission process. By automating these tasks, we have enabled our customers to focus on what they do best – providing unparalleled revenue cycle management solutions nationwide.


75% Reduction in Manual Efforts

85% Improved Process TAT

70% Reduction in Human Errors