HitechProvider's RPA Bots Boost Spamedica's Revenue Cycle Management


SpaMedica, a renowned eye care group, is committed to providing exceptional patient care and enabling people to make informed decisions to improve their vision. As the largest NHS cataract surgery provider in the UK, SpaMedica is dedicated to expanding its reach and reducing waiting times for patients across the country. However, rapid business growth through acquisitions has created several operational challenges, including information silos and manual processes that consume skilled resources and cause unnecessary delays and revenue loss.


With over 303 eye care practices operating across the UK and a 45% YoY growth rate, SpaMedica faced significant challenges in critical functions such as claims processing. The acquisition-led expansion created isolated information systems, resulting in a lack of coordination between different practices. Manual processes, including eligibility checks for patients and claims management across multiple insurers, were time-consuming and demanded a significant amount of skilled resources’ involvement. This led to a 30% loss of highly valued resources’ daily time, which could potentially result in revenue loss and cash flow issues. Inaccurate insurance information further complicated matters, leading to missed revenue opportunities.

Process automated:

  1. Claims eligibility, submissions, and review
  2. Data migration
  3. Report automation4. New stores and employee onboarding
  4. Price change management
  5. Medical Insurance/medical card extraction


To streamline operations and enhance efficiency, SpaMedica deployed a standardized platform offered by Hitechprovider. This platform automated a series of cross-functional operations involving doctors and administrative staff. The solution streamlined claims eligibility, submissions, and reviews, enabling faster and more accurate claims processing. Data migration was also streamlined, reducing the time and resources required for this process. Report automation provided key insights into SpaMedica’s performance, enabling quick decision-making and proactive management. Onboarding new stores and employees was streamlined, ensuring that all new staff had the necessary resources to begin work immediately. Price change management was also automated, ensuring that the latest prices were reflected in all systems. Finally, medical insurance and medical card extraction were automated, reducing the likelihood of errors and missed revenue opportunities.


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